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Frozen's Lair of Burninating Insanity
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Good bye LJ, Hello Dreamwidth.

If you need me, find me there or check out Twitter or Google+ where I'm more active.

If you're seeing this on Frozen-Solid.net, that site will stay as it is until I move over to Joomla or WordPress or something of the like. Eventually. Sometime. When I'm not a lazy fuck.
So I started watching Battlestar Galactica on Netflix and wanted to comment on my thoughts so far, which unfortunately is more than is good for twitter. That means LJ update! :dance: This'll be mostly spoiler free, but with possible spoilers for the miniseries.

Okay, so for starters I really did enjoy the miniseries, but it really wasn't my definition of a miniseries. When I hear "miniseries" I expect that what I am getting is a short, self-contained movie-length or slightly-longer than movie-length story. I expect that story will stand well enough on it's own, but whet your appetite for a greater story. Instead, the miniseries is more of an extended movie-length pilot. It introduces everything in the story, but it doesn't resolve anything or answer any questions whatsoever about the events of the miniseries. It just left me feeling unsatisfied.

When it comes to the main plot of the miniseries itself, it just ends with the Galactica and the rest of the human fleet light speed jumping off, but them doing so didn't leave me feeling like the human race had escaped death. That's it. They could have at least spent a few minutes after the jump to make the viewer feel good about what just happened. "Hey we survived! They're still out there, but we have each other and check out all these people you should care about after 3 hours!" Give me SOMETHING. Instead we got this cut that wasn't even a cliffhanger, because it didn't hang on anything. Cool. The human race escaped death but they didn't win anything. They're just... well they're not where they were at 10s earlier! Then there's a quick spoilery twist that I won't go into, but it seemed misplaced to me. Maybe I don't fully "get it" but it sure didn't sell me on the series, and it wasn't enough of a cliffhanger beyond affirming what's already been beaten into our heads: The cylons look just like people and are among us.

Then we get to the opening of the actual series. The cast is all "Hay we made it out of the light speed jump! set your clocks to 33 minutes!" Wait, what? Where did this 33 minutes come from? Did I miss something? The entire plot of this episode is centered around jumping every 33 minutes just as the Cylons arrive. But that's it. The characters spend all their time doing shit, but I don't feel like anything they're doing has any consequence nor do I know why I care other than "OMG THE HUMAN RACE IS BEING CHASED!" There are a lot of things happening, but nothing that I can bring myself to really care about.

So that's where I'm at. I watched the first 20 minutes of the first actual episode, felt like I must have missed something in the miniseries and skipped through it again, then watched the first 30-40 minutes of the episode again and found my attention drifting elsewhere. Maybe it was ADD, maybe it was a stressful shitty day at work not letting me really wind down enough to pay attention, or maybe I just don't like BSG enough. I'll give it another shot this weekend, probably trying to rewatch the last 20 minutes of the miniseries again to see if I can figure out what I'm missing. I don't. I'm just not instantly sold on this show.

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Firefox 4 is out and unfortunately the LJ-Login addon is broken in it. I decided to fuck around a bit and have a mostly working bugfix edition. Slarti's a busy guy and working on it in his free time, so I figured I'd see if I could help out a bit.


Originally it was just a max version bump to see if Firefox 4 would even load it. Everything worked, but the menu was all transparent and broken looking. I did some research and was able to fix that issue as well. I've tested this on both Mac OSX and Windows versions of Firefox. I do not know if it works with Firefox 3.6 but the official one does for sure so w/e

If you notice anything else broken feel free to let me know and I can look into it, but no promises.

Of course this comes with no warranty and I take no responsibility for anything it might do or not do.

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Asus has the most goddamn annoying tech support.

Last week my AC adapter fucked up. Just randomly stopped receiving power. I plugged it into another outlet and it started working again. Plugged it into the old outlet again, it was still working. I called up ASUS and they told me they couldn't just send me a new adapter despite being under warranty... and that instead I had to send both my laptop AND my adapter to them for them to diagnose the problem (it's the fucking AC adapter you fuckshits, I am not a goddamn retard). The other option would be to just order a new one. They gave me the part number and the address to order it online, and for $60 I could just be done. Except after hanging up and going to their website and going to the part so I could order it, they were out of stock. So I called them back and once again they offered to send in both my laptop and ac adapter (shipping would cost me, shipping back would be free... shipping a laptop is goddamn expensive) or to wait 2-3 days and buy the adapter when it's back in stock.

Since I had a working adapter at the time, and it was the first time it gave me any trouble, I opted to wait rather than be without my laptop for god knows how long. That was 2 weeks ago. I haven't had a problem since, everything's been peachy. I knew I was coming to town tonight, and I'd be in town Friday to be able to go to the local shop that's only open before 5 and get a replacement. It just has to last one more night.

Today I arrive in Springfield at my parents' house and boot up my laptop. Then I find out it's not getting power. Then I find the AC adapter fucking up again. Great. I fuck with it for a while, no good. Nothing works. I grab my ancient Toshiba laptop's ac adapter.. except it's 90W and I need a 150... but wait it has teh same wall->box cable! I try it with the box for my new laptop. No go... which means it's the box itself. The light on the box isn't even lighting up, which means it's 100% the box and not the wire between the box and the laptop or the cable between the box and the wall.

I make a quick trip to Radio Shack and Best Buy... they don't have a 150W replacement. The usual place I buy replacement cables from is only open before 5pm on Monday-Friday. I'll try them tomorrow. Meanwhile, I call ASUS again and find out wtf is up. I still can't order the official replacement from them on their website. Still sold out (2-3 days to be restocked my ass).

I get the same shit they gave me before, except this time I can convince the dumb whore on the phone that it's not the laptop and there's no way in fuck I'm sending them it. She says I can just send in the adapter since the light not coming on means it's definitely it (thanks, I said the same thing last time I called your sorry asses and you were retarded). They still won't send me the new goddamn ac adapter first, unlike every other goddamn company I've ever dealt with. Take my Credit Card number, send me the fucking part... if you don't get my old part back or you decide it' snot covered fucking charge me. I don't give a shit. How about you even forget the whole repair bullshit, since clearly if you're wiling to do an RMA that means you must have a stock of spare AC adapters AND JUST FUCKING SELL ME ONE. Oh you can't do that either. You're fucking worthless.

W/E I'm still going to RMA this piece of shit and hope the local battery shop I usually buy from has a spare adapter since I'll actually be here when they're open for once. Then I'll (hopefully) have one tomororw, and the RMA will show up sometime in the next 4-6 weeks, and I'll have a spare for when shit blows up next time. Unfortunately I'm expecting those dumb fuckers at ASUS to tell me it's not covered under warranty anyways because I wrapped the entire cable in electrical tape to keep Sylvie from eating it (that worked wonders btw). They're going to see that shit and claim I voided the warranty because they're goddamn dumbasses. THE CABLE IS FINE YOU FUCKSTICKS, THE GODDAMN BOX IS NOT.

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01:39 pm March 14th, 2010
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01:09 pm February 6th, 2010

I am sore as fuck. Just spent all of last night and this morning redoing all of my tv/console/movie/music wiring.

I used my tax return to get 5.1 475 watt surround sound just in time for the super bowl. The receiver is Denon and is full HD and the speakers are all Boston Acoustics.

I think I did a pretty good job with the wiring and mounting... That took the longest.

The worst part is after all of that I still had to use 2 splitter boxes to hook up all my game systems. Bah! Apparently new HD receivers only have 1 regular composite video input.

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01:48 am February 4th, 2010
11:40 am January 28th, 2010
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02:08 pm January 18th, 2010
After working on cleaning the office for our company's 90 birthday on Wednesday and running back and forth between IT and the covers department I have come to the stunning realization that I'm out of shape. I know, it was a surprise to me too.

Step 1: Start playing DDR a few times a week again (ideally 30min a day but I highly doubt I will keep that up). I wonder if Stepmania is even installed on my new laptop. I think it is. I do have a real, actually legit, copy of DDR now on PS2 though. I should get an Xbox version at some point in the future too. Maybe put this on the list of things to do with a Media Center PC when I build one this year for my TV.

Step 2: Buy a bike. My old bike has been busted (and was a piece of shit) for years. I can easily bike to work during the spring/fall (and as long as it's not super hot during the summer). I meant to do this last year but I failed.

Step 3: Begin playing Golf and probably making a complete ass out of myself doing so. I got my grandfather's old clubs and hit the driving range once last year, but I really need to get more practice in. Maybe take a few lessons cuz I really fucking suck at the driving range.

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04:21 pm January 5th, 2010

A home for my companion cube. Which reminds me I need to renew my black Mesa parking pass... Maybe replace it with aperature science

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